Frequently Asked Questions


When does the program start/end?

The program begins on September 2nd and will end on June 30th proceeding our graduation ceremony.

Can local students go home on weekends or days off?

If a student lives locally, we advise they do not go home on weekends or days off at the beginning portion of the year. This is to ensure they receive the maximum experience that SMC has to offer. If a student does want to go home for any period of time, they will have to personally speak with a member of the SMC staff and receive clearance.

Are students allowed to have a job?

First year students are allowed to hold a job while in SMC only upon approval from the SMC Director. Second year students are encouraged to hold a part time job that works around their SMC schedule. Third year students will hold a part time job while working a staff role inside of Judah Church.

Where do the students live?

Students will live in our student housing, which is a dormitory style housing. 

How much does it cost to attend The School of Ministry Charlotte? 

For one year, students will pay $6,700. This cost includes housing, housing needs, wifi, transportation, etc.

How do I apply?

•    To apply for The School of Ministry Charlotte click the “Sign Up Now” link located on our home page.

What do students do about food?

It is the student’s responsibility to provide their own groceries for their home.

When can students leave? Are there breaks given?

Multiple breaks throughout the calendar year are provided, including Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, Spring Break and Summer Break. We do not allow students to leave earlier or arrive later than the times specified in our handbook and calendar unless cleared by a member of the SMC staff. Any violations will be addressed at the time of occurrence.

What if I don’t have a car?

Although we recommend for every student to bring/have a car, it is not mandatory. Students without a car can arrange rides to school, the office and other events with other SMC students in their apartment or apartment complex. We do ask that students asking for rides would help pitch in for gas.

Do you provide a college education?

•   YES! Through our partnership with The Colorado Theological Seminary, we offer weekly classes at our local Charlotte campus.

What do you receive after the completion of SMC?

•   Students will leave with an Associates Degree in Biblical Studies through The Colorado Theological Studies. 

  • An Ordination Certificate through Judah International Alliance.

  • A Wealth of experience and skills developed to begin ministering in the area they are called to.

Where do my donations go?

If not specified for a certain student, your donation will go into the general funds that help support trips/materials/housing for the interns.


$6,700 per year Detailed Below

  • $3,725 - Housing and Utilities

  • $1,500 - Tuition

  • $1,200 - Ministry and Travel

  • $275 - Books and Curriculum