Becoming A Better You

A Better You

The first year is your opportunity to discover who you are and the plan God has for your future. It is your time to experience new things, determine what really drives you, and to equip yourself with a foundation that is built to last. Who ever said that you had to have everything mapped out by graduation day? You’ve already accomplished a lot! Take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stop, collect yourself, discover your purpose, and put motion to your future.

Personal Relationship

 Regardless of how long your journey is with us, you will have personal relationship and mentorship with the members of our staff and volunteers. As a student, you will be plugged into discipleship tracks with an intentional focus on your individualized character, leadership, and skill development.

Pursue Your Dreams

Whether you find yourself asking “what is next?” or even if you know where you are going, our first year experience is for anyone wanting to live better and do more. In SMC we always say “Your talent and ability will get you in a room, but it is your character that will keep you there”. We will strategically provide opportunities to help get you where you want to go.


Emerging as a person of influence

SHAPED – 5 Elements

•   S-Spiritual

•   H-Habits

•   A-Abilities

•   P-Personality

•   E-Experiences

•   D-Define Your Future

God has SHAPED us in many ways. On the SHAPED journey, you will discover what God has supernaturally gifted you to do. You will uncover your passions and be exposed to your abilities. Personalities and temperaments will be defined while opening up the connection to your past or current experiences. SHAPED will reveal how God wired you and how He will use it to define your future.


Advance Your Training 

Focused Development

With a focus under a specific ministry department of Judah Church or SMC, you will receive hands on training and experience by people who really know what they are doing. Along with this focus, you will be personally taught by Glenn Walters, a well-known speaker and author, with over 20+ years of ministry and leadership experience.

Ministry Trips

As a ministry intern you will travel to a diverse range of ministries and churches across the country to learn and grow. With opportunities for relationship and hands on ministry with the teams, this is the chance for you to see how others do ministry and what you would like to see in yours.

Speaking and Leading

Communication is a vital part in reaching people for Christ. During your ministry internship you will learn how to properly communicate through training and various speaking opportunities. With the ability to be critiqued in a healthy way by experienced communicators at both Judah Church and The School of Ministry Charlotte, you will learn how to prepare and communicate in a way that will grab the attention of audiences.


Extra training so you stand out from the competition 

Go Behind The Scenes

The support role of The School of Ministry Charlotte is a nine-month position that offers a behind-the-scenes training experience of the internal workings of SMC, Shabbach Youth Conferences and Judah Church. Learn the “why” behind the “what” and carry a new weight of responsibility as you transition from student to intern staff/volunteer.

A Supported Future

At the conclusion of the support year, we strive to help you secure your first professional position in ministry. We will make the calls, assist with your resume, and reach out to our global network to help find you the job that fits your calling.